Scroll down to learn more about the artist of this tree, Sindhu Surapaneni, and the Pakistani Culture!

This tree is a masterpiece in progress. Perfection cannot be rushed! We will be posting updated photos as the tree comes closer to completion!

About the Artist

The artist representing the Pakistani culture this year is Sindhu Surapaneni, a 12-year-old young artist & an international storyteller.

Sindhu, also called the Indus river, is one of the major rivers flowing partly through India & partly through Pakistan. India and Pakistan were one country until they got independence from the British. 

There were many territorial disputes over the region of Kashmir between India and Pakistan. These two countries have fought in numerous armed conflicts since their independence. 

The cricket match between India and Pakistan is a huge deal. Everyone automatically assumes India and Pakistan are rivals everywhere, not just in Cricket. 

Sindhu chose to paint the Pakistani tree along with the Indian tree and to break the stigma that these two countries can’t work together. 

She thinks this is the perfect opportunity to represent the true meaning of unity in diversity and she didn’t want to miss an opportunity of doing a portrait of Malala Yousafzai.

If you would like to get in contact with Sindhu and take advantage of her free art sessions, she recommends checking out her Facebook page. On Tiktok & Instagram, You can actually see the making of a Pakistan Holiday tree for Northwest Winterfest 2020!

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