Lake City Highland Dance

The Scottish Culture is represented at Northwest Winterfest by Lake City Highland Dance! Lake City Highland Dance has been in the Inland Northwest area for the last five years, today the organization has 50 members! 

In the Scottish culture, more importance is put on the holiday “Hogmanay”, or New years eve, than on Christmas. Christmas is still celebrated, but Hogmanay is the main winter celebration!¬†Hogmanay is a celebration to ring in the new year. The celebration is a three day event that is usually spent partying with family and friends.

Holiday Traditions

The celebration includes traditions like “First Footing”, fire festivals, and ceilidh. People usually wear kilts and other traditional Scottish clothing. First footing is used to ensure good luck for the household. The first foot to step foot in the house after the new year should be a dark-haired male, and he should bring with him symbolic pieces of coal, shortbread, salt, black bun, and some whiskey. A ceilidh is an event where Scottish music is played and people dance and sing!

Some traditional winter holiday foods include haggis, shortbread, steak pie, and black bun cake.

Lake City Highland Dance offers traditional Scottish highland dance to help inspire the next generation to take interest in the traditional arts of the Scottish people.

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