The Culture of Pakistan

We invite you to learn about some important winter holiday traditions in the Pakistani culture! This culture has so many interesting aspects that makes it so unique, we’ve really enjoyed learning about the culture ourselves this season!

In Pakistan, the Islamic New Year is celebrated at different times each year since the Islamic / Hijri calendar is about 12 days shorter than the length of the Gregorian calendar used to in North America. The Islamic calendar is about 354 days long while the Gregorian calendar is 365 days long! The first month of the new year is called Muharram and it is believed to be the most sacred month, it is the month of remembrance!

Holiday Traditions

One large holiday celebrated in the Pakistani culture is the Basant Festival, typically taking place in the beginning of Spring. This festival celebrates the incoming of Spring in Lahore, Pakistan. Although many other cities besides Lahore celebrate this event, Lahore was the city that brought popularity of the celebration all over the world! During the festival, hundreds of kites are flown all over participating cities!

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