Inland Northwest Chamorru

The culture of Guam is represented by the Inland Northwest Chammoru group at this year’s Northwest Winterfest celebration! The community of Chammoru in Spokane has been present in the city since the 1970’s and there are about 150 members in the group! 

The most popular holiday tradition in the Chammoru culture includes the Christmas Fiesta, a day where people are brought together to sing, dance, and eat together in celebration. The Cha Cha is a popular dance among the Chammoru culture and it is an enjoyable way for people to get together and have fun!



It is common to find nativity scenes and Christmas trees set up to celebrate the holiday season and you can often find palm trees adorned with lights in Guam during the Christmas season!

Family and togetherness is very valuable to the culture of Guam! Guam’s culture is influenced by many surrounding countries and can be described as a “melting pot” of people from all over the world, including places like Spain, America, Japan, the Philippines, and Korea!

Christmas Fiesta

The holiday season is celebrated in Guam with a Christmas Fiesta. Many different meals are shared, from desserts like Roskete (a type of cookie similar to a shortbread cookie) and Latiya (sponge cake topped with vanilla pudding and a sprinkle of cinnamon), to Chicken Empanadas and a wide variety of savory stews! In Spokane, traditional American foods are also prepared for the feast, including roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cranberry sauce.

Holiday Recipes from Guam

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