National Wine & Cheese Day - Switzerland

It comes as no surprise that Switzerland made it into the highlights for National Wine and Cheese Day considering it is a country that makes many delicacies including wines, cheeses, and chocolates — c’mon there is even a well-known and loved cheese called Swiss. In this blog, we will take a closer look at Swiss cheeses and wines to show our appreciation for this country in honor of National Wine and Cheese Day.

Swiss Wine

As far as Swiss wine goes it is separated into three main regions: the south near Ticino, the west near Lake Geneva, and the northeast near Zurich.

The area that is near Lake Geneva will be our focus for today, and it is very stunning, boasting vineyards that are cut into the hills that rise from the lake. This region’s specialty is the Chasselas grapes which are used to make white wines. It is also key to note that this region holds great historical value as well since wines have been produced here since the 11th century when the monks first planted the vines into the hillsides. Today, this region is part of a UNESCO Heritage site that showcases 830 hectares of vineyards which account for 75% of the Chasselas grapes produced.

It is a beautiful place to visit and we highly recommend that you do so. In the area, there are even scenic wine trains that let you experience the beauty while taking it easy. In addition to the train tours, there are also three-hour boat tours that happen through the months of July and August. If you are more into adventure then you can choose to go on a few hikes and visit some wineries for some tasting. Domaine Bovey is a location we for sure recommend stopping by as it has simply stunning views and they produce 90% of the white wine coming from the Chasselas grapes. A farmer’s market is also a great opportunity to taste some of the best wines in Switzerland in a very fun way.

Swiss Cheeses

Switzerland produces many absolutely luscious cheeses. There is a ChocolateTrain that is near Vevey that takes you to Gruyeres and there you take a fun yet educational tour. At the Gruyeres factory, there is an audio tour that you can take at your own pace and it educates visitors about the production of cheese. A fun twist to the tour is that it is told from the viewpoint of Cherry, one of the dairy cows. The whole tour of the factory takes only about thirty minutes, but it is truly an experience that is worthwhile and memorable.

There is also the option of going to the Emmentaler Show Dairy and making your own cheese as well as going through with a tour and tasting.

A Few Pairings

We want to list just a few great pairings to leave you off on a wonderful note and spark some ideas:

Kaltbach Gruyère with Cave Caloz Cornalin

Kaltbach Crèmeux+ Jean- René Germanier

Tête de Moine + Jean-René Germanier

Appenzeller + Louis Bovard, Dezaléy