National Drive-Thru Day

July 7th, 2021

July 24th is National Drive-Thru day! This is something we are so accustomed to, but this used to not be a thing back in the day. Though drive-thrus have been around for a while now, dating back to the 1930s, they didn’t reach their full-force appreciation until the 1950s. Though we oftentimes associate drive-thrus with food places, it is important to keep in mind that this service is available in many industries including dry cleaners, pharmacies, banks, and so forth. In fact, the concept of a drive-thru was first planned out for banks in the United States. It is also key to note that drive-thrus make life very convenient for us all, sometimes in ways we do not even recognize. Listed below are some of the ways that drive-thru guys have made life easier:

  • For moms and dads, this is a game-changer since they can do tasks from the comfort of their car without needing to unbuckle their kids, making sure that they all stay together, keeping them in a pleasant mood, and herding them back to the car to get buckled up again. The time it takes to complete a simple task, such as depositing a check, is greatly cut!
  • This is a point that would have been fairly irrelevant a couple of years prior, but drive-thrus are essential during times of a pandemic. Because of the drive-thru option, a lot of restaurants and businesses were able to not only function but also increase their capacity of functioning due to the contactless form of service.
  • For the people that do like to have a dining-in experience, when people who want takeout choose to go through the drive-thru a more peaceful environment is created, with fewer distractions without people simply coming in and out to pick up their orders.
  • This is a benefit for the business, but having a drive-thru option tends to increase revenues as more people are willing to stop by a drive-thru rather than needing to go through the process of parking, getting out of the car, walking to the restaurant/store/etc, standing in line, ordering, waiting for the service to be performed, and heading back to the car. For the consumer, the benefit of the drive-thru is less hassle and time spent to get or do what they need.
  • Economy wise drive-thrus are beneficial because they create more job opportunities for people as more staff is needed to have a drive-thru service in addition to walk-in services.

Ways you can Celebrate today

  • Center the day on doing as many things through the drive-thru option as possessive. If you are getting coffee on the way to work – go to the drive-thru, if you are ordering lunch – go through the drive-thru, if you need to make a deposit at your bank – go through the drive-thru, if you need to pick up your medications – go through the drive-thru, and so forth!
  • Since we are Northwest Winterfest we cannot go about this holiday without mentioning how it is a great way to support your local, culturally diverse businesses. Just like mentioned above this can go for a variety of industries, but if you are in Spokane a few of our suggestions for visiting the drive-thru include Atilanos, Beacon Dry Cleaners, El Charrito, and so forth.

We urge you to make this day an opportunity to appreciate the ease and efficiency that drive-thrus provide for us while also supporting different businesses and stepping out of our comfort zones!