National Disc Golf Day

August 5th, 2021

National Disc Golf Day is on August 7th, which is conveniently on a Saturday. You know what this means… grab some friends, family members, or a combination and make a day out of it! In case you have never heard of disc golf (which you are missing out big time then!) it is a game that is fairly similar to traditional golf in the sense that your goal is to reach the target with the fewest amount of strokes or throws. Overall, the two games have quite a few similarities, but each comes with its own differences as presumed.

Disc golf became a formalized sport in the 1970s even though people have been playing it even before then. A fun fact is that the first game of disc golf was actually held in Bladworth, Canada back in 1926. Back then, the targets were either the trunks of trees or wooden posts, however, now courses have metal baskets with chains instead and come in many different varieties. The chains are a nice addition since they help to catch the discs. In this game the players start from a “tee pad” and after each throw, they progress through the course. As such they go to where the disc lands and throw the disc again repeating this until the disc lands on the target. Similarly to traditional golf, the total number of throws it takes a player to get the disc into the target is equal to the score for that “hole”.

A great advantage of this sport is that most disc golf courses are available to the public for free so it means that there is no need to pay for memberships or tee times like in traditional golf. In fact, there are over 7,000 courses just in the United States, so there are plenty of options of where you can play (plus you can “make” your own course easily as long as you have a large, open field available to you). The discs, which are the only equipment you really need to purchase on your own, are quite inexpensive ranging from ten to twenty-five dollars, so overall it creates a great opportunity for a family fun day that is inexpensive yet extremely fun. Disc golf is also an opportunity for you to get a cardiovascular workout in for yourself, while it still being a low-impact sport. It also helps you to build your determination and challenges you both physically and mentally.

We encourage you to participate in this fun, lighthearted national holiday and learn more about it and its origins!