International Beer Day

July 28th, 2021

August 6th, the first Friday in August, is also the day that is known as International Beer Day. It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate beers from all over the world and take a look at the culture behind them. In this blog, we will list a few facts about different beers from around the world.


Sweden has an original craft beer week known as GBG Beer Week.

The only traditional homebrewed beer to survive the emergence of industrial brewing in Sweden is


Pacifico Clara is a beer originating in Mexico and it has a bright, light refreshing flavor that is popular here in the West Coast.

Sol is also known as “The Original Mexican Beer” and it has a light flavor and low AVB.


Sixty percent of the beer sold in Ireland is lager.

It is said that the Irish have been brewing for about 5,000 years now.


There are over 150 breweries in Scotland.

Scotland’s best-selling ale is Belhaven Best.


Peroni is a world-famous beer and brewery originating in Italy back in 1846.

Italy consumes the lowest amount of beer per capita of any European nation.


Beers are stronger in India, being at 8% AVB compared to the typical 4% AVB we are used to here in America.

Two-thirds of Indians don’t drink any alcohol, including beer, due to religious and cultural reasons.


Sinebrychoff is the oldest commercial brewer in Finland.

Finland is ranked ninth in per capita beer consumption with pale lagers being the most commonly brewed beer type.


Germany boasts over 100 different kinds of hops, over 40 sorts of malt, and over 200 yeast strains, so beer possibilities are plenty.

German monks used to call beer liquid bread because during Lent they could not eat bread, but they could drink beer.

Note: If you do decide to celebrate International Beer Day we urge you to be smart and responsible, and remember to never drink and drive!