Save the Date Announcement Plus American Family Day
& National Friendship Day

July 29th, 2021

We are so beyond excited to share with you the official dates for this year’s Northwest Winterfest Celebrations. Drum roll please… it will be held from November 26th through January 2nd in #SpokaneValley, and February 10th through March 20th in #Kennewick. The Spokane Valley celebration will be held seven days a week from 5:000 pm to 9:00pm and the Kennewick one will be six days a week from 5:30pm to 9:00pm. We are looking forward to seeing you this year and are sure you will have the greatest time there. You can expect to see many cultures from around the world being represented by people living here, locally, in the Pacific Northwest. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the customs and traditions of those who are near you and to make connections. While being an educational experience where we can all take away something important, it is nonetheless a very fun and pleasant way to spend an afternoon with friends and family. Speaking of friends and family we want to also highlight that August 1st is both National Friendship Day and American Family Day.

National Friendship Day

Every first Sunday of August is dedicated to being National Friendship Day. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with your friends, old and new, and utilize the time to strengthen your friendship. It is said that friends are our chosen families, and we couldn’t agree more. True friendships last through everything – the good and the bad times – and friends are there for each other no matter what. Below are a few activities through which you can participate in National Friendship Day and show some love towards your friends:

  • Go out to the movies with a friend or friend group.
  • Go on a lunch date with your friend(s).
  • Go on a walk with your friend(s).
  • Have a heartfelt conversation with your friend(s) whether it be while sitting down somewhere, via phone call, via FaceTime, or while you’re out on a stroll.
  • Go on a day trip somewhere with your friend(s).

American Family Day

Every year American Family Day is recognized on the first Sunday of August. This day’s primary goal is for families to take the time to spend with each other and get away from the hassles of daily life. We urge you to focus the day on being present with each other instead of giving physical presents to your family members. Family is everything. We are each other’s greatest supporters, helpers, encouragers, and so forth. Remember that and try being the best version of you for your family. There are so many ways to spend time with those dearest to you, listed below are a few of our favorite suggestions:

  • Go on a walk together in the evening.
  • Go out to the park for a picnic.
  • Play some board games.
  • Have a nice sit-down conversation about different topics.
  • Visit family members that live outside of your household. You can even bring over some lunch or dinner for you all to enjoy.
  • Play a game of tag, flag football, ultimate frisbee, and so forth.

There are many opportunities for us to bond with our friends and family, make sure to take this day and other days as well to do so. And of course, don’t forget about the Northwest Winterfest Celebration, and make sure to come join us with your family and friends!